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"We love working with MakeShift because they are trauma-informed. They know what they are doing, and bring the best quality experiences to our young people as well as staff."


Psychologist, NSW Juvenile Justice

"So much fun. The best mental health workshop I've ever attended



"Our team had such a fantastic session learning about the window of tolerance and how creativity is the biggest support for our nervous system and mental health. It's made a real difference to the wellbeing of our case managers"


Barnardos Family Services

"This is the best community workshop I've ever been a part of. I feel so much more connected."


Central Coast Disaster Recovery Project

"MakeShift changed my life. Their 8 week creative prescribing program gave me more tools and strategies than years of group and individual therapy. I now volunteer, am involved in my community, and go to a weekly art class. I've come such a long way since not being able to work and living with PTSD."


MakeShift program participant

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Inspiring, accessible creative prescribing for your workplace.

Mental health is a big conversation in workplaces right now. Mental health related injury costs the economy more than $200 billion per year. But what actually does work in supporting mental health? Our pioneering, award-winning, evidence based creative prescribing equips teams with practical tools for understanding the nervous system, and the role of self and community care, alongside fun, playful, accessible strategies for promoting mindfulness, and pathways to joy.

About Creative First Aid
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Take a Creative Prescription off-the-shelf or we can co-design one with you.

It doesn’t really matter what medium, your skill level, or your experience, we can all benefit from a little creative experience. Especially at work.

We’ve designed over 20 different immersive experiences for teams as diverse as Rural Fire Services to IKEA. From our one hour intro to Creative First Aid, Braincraft, to our 12 month Safe + Sound program for burnout prevention, we have a range of online and face to face workshops and experiences for you. Or, we can design a program bespoke for your team.

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