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8 week immersive course to help you discover a creative practice that takes care of you

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An award-winning 8 week group program that curiously explores creative practices as a way to connect to enjoyment, delight, and self-care.

Make space for who you want to be

ReMind is a trauma-informed education program that explores creative and social practices as tools for regulating, supporting and reducing experiences of anxiety, depression, burnout and impacts of trauma.

Whether you are someone noticing that anxiety is creeping into your life, getting in the way, or whether you are someone experiencing significant illness, this program complements mainstream mental health treatment, and can fill a space for starting to get support for yourself.

Week by week, we explore  practices like playing an instrument, drawing daily, tending a garden, keeping a journal and creative writing, and then learn also how these things are really good for us.
It doesn't matter if you haven't tried them before. Many people close off these practices to themselves with the idea they aren't good at them, and this program is about being curious, and changing that.

We post your own Creative First Aid Kit of materials to play with, and you can join from anywhere in Australia.

This program has won 2 Brandon Hall Awards for Best Unique or Innovative Learning and Development Program and Best Use of Social/Collaborative Learning, as well as a WayAhead Mental Health Finalist.

In our pilot program with people psychologically injured at work, overall their physical and mental health was significantly higher after completing the program.

Read more about the outcomes of the program pilot HERE

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Self-led or group participant: decide which option will work for you!
You can be referred, or enrol yourself!


8 weeks

Our facilitated weekly zoom or F2F group is time to focus on each creative practice, week by week, and find out if you respond to it! No show and tell required


time to play

We give you time and space to try out each practice, with the guidance of videos and live chats with artist presenters, using your kits



We share tools on how and why these practices help reduce anxiety, overwhelm, depression. We help you plan good habits of self care.

MakeShift Programs can be accessed with NDIS funding. For more information please contact


Is this for me? I've never done any drawing/ painting/ music/ writing.

This program is designed precisely for you. These are practices that we all do as children, without being taught, yet we stop as we grow older, and after getting signals that we have to be ultra-talented, or 'arty' to do them. 
The truth is, they are good for us. We know this, because when we doodle on a page, or dance in the kitchen, write for fun, our nervous system calms down, we produce more happy hormones like seratonin, they reconnect us to the present, and importantly, they remind us of an undeniable truth of being human - that we are hardwired to play, to experience delight, small joys and pleasures.

This is for you if:
- you are seeking strategies for day-to-day ways to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma
- you are open to exploring creative practices that you may not have tried before
- you are able to use a computer and email, zoom, text messages
- you want to improve, support and maintain good mental wellbeing
- you want to be empowered to develop ways to care for yourself on hard days

The ReMind program connected me back to my creativity, which was lost. I had decided this wasn't part of me, but now, I take such pleasure in my daily journalling, and tending my garden, playing my ukulele, it has been really transformative, and amazing

Will I have to sing / draw / show and tell with the group?

No! This group is facilitated by an experienced group educator. Some weeks there may be an invitation to share what you’ve created, but whether you do is completely up to you. No pressure at all!

I don't have a psychologist, or a Mental Health Care Plan

You don't need one, You can join this program without a referral. We welcome you!

I don't have a mental illness, but I want to develop good habits

Yes, this program is also for you! We don't focus on diagnosis in this program. It's for anyone who would benefit from exploring a bunch of creative practices, like writing, music, painting, stitching, movement, cooking and plants - and wants to cultivate some good self-care habits. 

I have accessibility needs. Can this program accommodate them?

Please get in touch on or 0431 475 147 to let us know a little more information.
- Zoom sessions can include auto-captioning
- Printed materials can be emailed as Word documents for resizing
- Video instructionals include handouts with activities explained in writing
- Creative practices have options for adjustments for a range of mobility

I'm on the NDIS, so can I join this program with my funding?

Presently, we can engage NDIS participants who are self or plan managed, with Social and Community Participation Funding. We will be a Registered NDIS provider later in 2021.

Why is the cost for participation different for NDIS participants, and community participants?

This is a highly resourced program, that includes a home delivered Creative First AId Kit (valued at $250), plus weekly group sessions, and up to 7 guest artist facilitators spending time with the group.
The NDIS listed rate is what it costs MakeShift, per person, to go through the program.NDIS funding allows for this rate in specifying that group programs are funded at around $50 an hour of group participation.

We recognise that for community members who don't have access to this funding, this cost is out of reach for many. This rate is heavily subsidised by our organisation in an effort to make it more possible to enrol. There is also an option to use ZipPay to pay your course fee in monthly $40 installments. We are working on ways to gain funding for this program to be subsidised even more, for all.

I really don’t like Zoom, do I have to be on camera?

We get it. Being on video calls can be uncomfortable, and tiring in a different way to being face to face.
It is completely up to you, and some people join the group with their camera always off, others become comfortable over time and turn it on. It is nice to see people, and helps in getting to know each other, but again, how you participate in this way is your choice, and you won’t be pressured either way.

“I was nervous to press start on that first zoom session, but I’m so so so glad I did. It took a few weeks to feel comfortable sharing, but I’ve now connected with others all over Australia who ‘get it’. It was really special”
Mary, ReMind participant

Is this a group therapy session? Do I have to share my personal experiences of mental illness?

Unlike many group programs, the focus of this program is on creating and trying new things. You will never be asked to share personal experiences, and instead are welcome to share as you feel comfortable.

I’ve done plenty of community art programs before. How is this different?

Our program is about creative prescribing. Unlike art therapy, where therapists use art processes to work through therapeutic goals, this is about exploring creative forms because they are fun, playful, and spark our imagination.  
We work with a core group of creative educators who are passionate professionals in their field. Our creative writing workshop facilitator is a published author and our drawing facilitator illustrates for mainstream comic magazines. That means that you’re learning from some of the best in their area of creativity and learn handy tips and tricks to try experimenting with creative processes in different ways.

I have limited mobility. Will I need to move around a lot?

Through the course of the program we will explore journalling, playing the ukulele, gardening and a few other creative practices.  You will be doing it all from the comfort of your own home, so feel free to make adjustments to make your participation possible. We are able to offer adjustments to activities when we know what specifically you need. Please let us know!

The ReMind program connected me back to my creativity, which was lost. I had decided this wasn't part of me, but now, I take such pleasure in my daily journalling, and tending my garden, playing my ukulele, it has been really transformative, and amazing

Two ways of participating


Self led

Get your Creative First Aid Kit posted to you! Plus weekly emails with instructional videos from our Creative Prescriber Artists, and use the Program Workbook to reflect, learn and develop skills in self-care planning


Group Participant

Along with your kit and video library, become part of a group learning together. Join weekly live zoom sessions facilitated by an experienced creative mental health educator, plus guest creative facilitators deliver live group activities.

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