Creative Prescriptions

We design creative tools and programs proven to shift wellbeing, add a dose of hope, and build connection to self, others and the planet.

A dose of creativity in your workplace or community

We co-design programs to build positive and healthy workplace cultures, as well as trauma recovery programs for work-related psychological injury.

27th Feb 2024
Creative First Aid

We wrote a book for you

Creativity meets mental health in this empowering and playful guide to self-care and wellbeing, with 50 inspiring prescriptions anyone can try. You don't have to be good at art for art to be good for you.

2nd February

Get to know your HQ of emotional, sensory and psychological needs in a 1 hr online session

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Michele Elliot

Textile artist Michele Elliot survived an earthquake, but found her life shaken by the experience. Through her recovery, she found teaching her craft as a road for healing and connection.