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Creative First Aid Kit

29+ easy ways to shift your mental state with creativity
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In the Making

Our podcast exploring creativity as an antidote for challenging times. Featuring interviews with makers and artists who share their personal stories of how creative practices have helped them through tough times.

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Antidotes to disconnection, worry and fear.

Our programs place delight front and centre, and build the muscle and habit of finding ways to experience joy, fun and connection through creative practices that are hardwired in all of us.

We draw on evidence-based practice that empowers people to know how to support self-care, social connections and fosters hope and recovery.

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Hope for the Future: How Our Creative First Aid program transformed people's lives

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Bachelor Girl star Tania Doko on the power of Play, connecting, and staying well in the music industry

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Our Impact: Helping Injured workers 'return to life'

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