A one hour online session for workplaces

A fun-first, inspiring experience that fosters focus, productivity, and builds protective factors against burnout. This introductory session focuses on evidence-based content, combined with some powerful hands-on creative first-aid practices, designed to make your team feel calmer, more connected, mindful and empowered.

We are taking bookings now for October - Mental Health Month!


Based on the best early-intervention approaches to workplace mental wellbeing.

Learn about the Nervous System

Learn universal tools for getting to know yourself, and discover the signs that you are moving out of your window of comfort and into stress, overwhelm, burn out or flatline. Being curious about this helps to figure out what habits will help you stay mentally fit at work, and in life!

Learn real and practical strategies

A short and sharp guide to strategies that help to restore, replenish and reset our mental wellbeing when we need to the most.

Learn live Creative First Aid practices

We don't need to be 'good' at creativity to get the benefits of it. We take you through some short, fun, playful and impactful hands-on creative practices that you can keep in the toolkit for staying in the window of wellbeing

Take downloadable templates away

Set yourself up with a plan of practices designed restore, reset and replenish your nervous system - at work, or home, and in life!

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