Press Play

Find a practice of play and creativity, for fun, and for your wellbeing.

(Re)Discover a playful and restorative art form. From one off workshops to 4 week courses, we'll guide you through mastering the skills and integrating them into a practice of self care. These courses are currently online, and can cater for a range of accessibility needs.

Current Courses

September 21st, 4-5pm / $25

Lockdown Creative First Aid: Art in Nature

A Lockdown Creative First Aid session with Sally Ann Conwell

In this session we explore the ways in which nature can be an amazing teacher, and art can be a form of enquiry and learning. Art and Nature are found within each other and provide us with a unique opportunity to explore personal growth, and create greater compassion for ourselves and each other.  Sally will explore and share some of the amazing adaptations to fire found in the Australian bushland that can provide us with a map of regeneration, renewal and growth found in all of us. We'll use art to explore the ways in which nature touches us, and how its teachings can be applied to our everyday lives.

Bring: some paper, pencils, pens, watercolours, or just a pencil! Whatever you like. Plus one object from nature - a leaf, rock, shell, seed.For ages 8-108‍

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Wednesday 15th September, 2-3pm / $25

Lockdown Creative First Aid: Native Bush Foods

With Narelle Happ

Lockdown can be a tricky experience. Give yourself a dose of nature through this hour of power with permaculture and plant expert Narelle Happ from A Garden for Life!

She will take you through some native bush food species and teach you how to identify edible species, how to grow and care for them in your garden, how to  grow them in pots and how to harvest and cook with them. Yum!

Suitable for ages 16-116


Wednesday 6th October 2-3pm / $25

Lockdown Creative First Aid: Spring Gardening!

with Narelle Happ

Finding ways to get creative and give ourselves a dose of play is tricky in lockdown!

It is though a perfect time to get into the garden and start planting for Spring! Join permaculture designer Narelle and learn how to create a plan for your garden - what to plant, what kind of space you need, all the things to kickstart a gardening project.


Starts Thurs 7th Oct 6-8pm / $149

Soothing Stitching + Textiles

A four week course with Michele Elliot

The practice of EMBROIDERY and hand stitching have a long and rich history and for a while now, have experienced a resurgence in contemporary textiles and craft. Most recently during this time of Covid, sewing projects have burst forth as the whole world slowed and people looked to engage heart and mind.

You see, embroidery is a calming activity. It is easy to learn. Hand-stitching brings you into quiet focus with yourself. Michele Elliot, artist and stitcher, will guide you through these four weekly sessions.  Beginning with some simple embroidery techniques, Michele will lead you through stitching and making together. She will also help you to devise own embroidery projects. Alongside learning the skill, technique and approach to this craft, learn about how a practice of stitching can support positive mental health. Discover why craft helps to foster regulating our stress response, and builds a beautiful routine of creative self care and play into your everyday.

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Who's it for?

A small group course of play and exploration for everyone

Press Play is a 4 week course for anyone in the community that would like to bring a little bit of play and creativity back into their lives, as part of a commitment to mental wellbeing. In some courses, we include a little kit of materials!

This is a small group course of play and creative exploration. We add some content about how each practice can support your wellbeing, but it is not a support group program. It's for everyone and anyone in the community, from across Australia!

"Michele is an amazing teacher! I felt so lucky, like having my own little stitching circle I could join each week, from my lounge, and in my pyjamas! So cosy, supportive, and I learnt heaps. I'm now a total stitching nerd!" - Malai, Melbourne, Stitching Course Participant

Creative Prescription Facilitors

Your creative facilitator is a professional artist and takes you through four weeks to develop skills and technique in a creative practice, alongside a few tools and ways to reflect on how this practice assists in keeping our mental health strong.

Marcelo Baez

Illustration & Drawing

Emma Saunders

Dance & Movement

Helena Fox


Elana Stone

Music & singing

Narelle Happ

Plants & Gardens

Kiara Mucci


Nina Kourea

Food & Cooking

Michelle Elliot


Joshua Heath

Photography, Illustration

Mel Young

Textiles, Visual Art

Sally Ann Conwell

Visual arts, painting and illustration

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