Press Play

Find a practice of play and creativity, for fun, and for your wellbeing.

Upcoming Public Courses

Our small group Press Play courses meet on Zoom

Stitching & Textiles
Wed 5th May
The Joy of Writing
Sold Out!
Drawing Characters
Thurs 11 March
Tues 2nd March

A 4 week immersion of Play

Press Play themed courses are designed to ignite curiosity, fun, delight and creativity. Whether you spend four weeks learning a range of textile craft techniques, or songwriting, how to grow a garden, or an introduction to painting and drawing, this course builds up your capacity to cultivate a joyful habit of creative play into your routine, for proven mental health benefits.

Your creative facilitator is a professional artist and takes you through four weeks to develop skills and technique in a creative practice, alongside a few tools and ways to reflect on how this practice assists in keeping our mental health strong.

Online versions are small group sessions hosted on zoom. Some courses require materials to gather, or you can purchase as well as your ticket.

Slow Stitching
with Michele Elliot

Weaving, stitching, knitting, coiling. These traditions create beautiful things, and are proven to help calm our nervous systems.  

Explore slow stitching, start a project, and learn how this practice is wonderful for getting into that meditative state, with textile artist Michele Elliot

Wed May 5th 6.30pm x 4 weeks

The Joy of Writing with
Helena Fox

Discover the rich, portable joy of writing in this 4-week series of workshops with award-winning novelist and writing mentor Helena Fox. Writing is a timeless practice of creation, release, reflection, curiosity, and play. It can help calm our nervous systems and give us a sense of connection with ourselves and the world around us.

Feb 10th 6pm x 4 weeks

Drawing Characters with Marcelo Baez

A four week course learning fun character creation techniques, starting with simple and playful drawing projects. Discover the inner drawer in you with illustrator Marcelo.
Learning how to use elementary shapes and photo references for interesting creations. Participants join together at the end to create a joint online digital mural.

Thurs March 11 6.30-8.30pm x 4 weeks

The Art of Noticing through Watercolour with Kiara Mucci

Painting and mark making can help us feel grounded and in the zone. Learn how to cultivate this practice, for joy, fun and delight! Explore curious mindful illustration, watercolour and painting. Learn new approaches and prompts to cultivate this practice, plus how it can be a powerful antidote to stress and tension.

Tues 2nd March 4-6pm x 4 weeks

Who is it for?

Press Play is a 4 week course for anyone in the community that would like to bring a little bit of play and creativity back into their lives, as part of a commitment to mental wellbeing.

This is a small group creative course of play and creative exploration. We add some content about how each practice can support your wellbeing, but it is not a support group program. It's for everyone and anyone in the community, from across Australia!

MakeShift Programs can be accessed with NDIS funding for self and plan managed recipients. Fill out an enrolment form HERE

This course is delivered 2 ways

Online courses require access to a computer and internet and are open to all Australians over 18.


Face to face

Four weekly evening or weekend group sessions (3 hours)



Four weekly evening or weekend zoom sessions (2 hours each)

"This course plugged me back into remembering to take time for myself. For years I got caught up in being so busy and I lost myself a bit. Being creative took some time to get used to, but it's brought a whole new lease of life to me!"