We bring our pioneering, trauma-informed approach of creative first aid to any group, community, workplace + cohort.

We know, absolutely from the research, that building preventative, protective factors for people is the quickest, most cost-effective intervention to keep people mentally well at work, in community and in life!

MakeShift is a trusted provider of impactful, fun and evidence-backed programs that bring creativity along with mental health education to life, increasing productivity, preventing burnout, fostering connection and empowering self management.

We curate bespoke experiences to suit your group, workplace or community, matching the right-fit artist and art medium alongside our expertise in trauma-informed, fun-first facilitation that connects creative exploration with wellbeing literacy and personal skills and knowledge.

"This is the best community workshop I've ever been a part of. I feel so much more connected to people."
- Angus, Calga resident, Central Coast Disaster Recovery Project

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Upcoming COURSES

21 May

Sydney Opera House Centre for Creativity

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1-2 days

Creative Connections Training

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Who's it for?

Groups, workplaces + communities

We are expert at working with a broad range of people. From first responders to corporate leaders, young people in the justice system to remote community residents - we start from the same place - we all need social connection, and we are all creative. These things can be useful tools in healing and building resilence, community relationships and wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on running award-winning zoom-based and F2F programs that provide real, practical tools, alongside fun hands-on accessible activities. We can chat about a bespoke program for 20 staff, or 200!

/ Have increased knowledge about the architecture of their own psychological system
/ Understand the importance of knowing how to transition back to a grounded state of wellbeing
/ Know a list of practices that help this transition
/ Understand the importance of play, rest, and creativity in supporting mental health and wellbeing
/ Have explored and tried a series of short and easy creative activities designed to calm us down, energise and reset us!
/ Have experienced connection with colleagues through shared facilitated activities
/ Have a plan for their own personal prescription of creativity to support their wellbeing at work, and in life!

"This program is the best mental health education course I have ever done! I want everyone I know to do it. The combination of info plus the creative practices is genius!" - Shima, Course Participant

Our Facilitators

We show up with one of our expert mental health and trauma-informed group facilitators, and bring along an artist educator too.

Marcelo Baez

Illustration & Drawing

Emma Saunders

Dance & Movement

Helena Fox


Elana Stone

Music & singing

Narelle Happ

Plants & Gardens

Kiara Mucci


Michelle Elliot


Joshua Heath

Photography, Illustration

Mel Young

Textiles, Visual Art

Sally Ann Conwell

Visual arts, painting and illustration

Kirli Saunders

Poetry, writing, artmaking

Angie Cass

Collage Craft


Rapper / Musician

Julie Paterson

Creative Adventure Facilitator

Peachy (Therese Petre)


Our Other Creative First Aid courses

8 weeks
Creativity on Prescription Course: explore a range of practices each week, along with a home delivered creative first-aid kit.
One OFf
A one-hour-a-week creative workplace program to foster creative habits for wellbeing