Lunch Break

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a quick dose of creativity

Sometimes, plugging into our creative muscle can feel impossible or out of reach!

Our four week course, Lunch Break, takes you on a one hour weekly immersion into creativity through drawing, music and movement, plus some quick tools for learning now to manage stress, overwhelm and stay grounded. These are designed with our expertise of workplace wellbeing and psychological safety elements for teams.

No experience is necessary! We can cater for online video chat groups of up to 60 pp

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Window of Tolerance

This 60 minute online workshop for teams helps you understand how stress and overwhelm can look for each person, and how to cultivate the best self care plan for yourself using playful creative practices

A Remedy of Writing

Get back in the saddle of writing for fun with acclaimed fiction writer Helena Fox! These fun prompts will surprise and delight you!

A Dose of Drawing

We all start out in early years of life drawing. Awaken this muscle with fun, silly, mischievous drawing games with illustrator Marcelo Baez

Grow Your Garden

Spend an hour immersed in a virtual backyard, and get inspired to plant, tend and grow your own garden - in a pot, on a balcony, or in your yard

Online Classes

These experiences and online sessions are by request.


Lunch Break! A 4 week course

Four 1 hr lunch time weekly sessions.
Build a practice of creativity for workplace wellbeing and
set up great habits


A Single Dose

One hour of power. Zoom in for a dose of creative play with no experience required. Drawing, photography, music and more!

"The Window of Tolerance session really helped our team during such a stressful time. It was really well facilitated with no need for personal sharing, but I have such a better sense of what to do for my own mental health at work now."

- V, Quickbooks International

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