4x 1 hr Creative First Aid sessions
Lunch Break

Build creative habits at work

Explore and try some easy, portable practices for setting up good habits of mindful self-care in the workplace, plus learn the tool that helps you know yourself and how you are tracking. No experience is necessary! Lunch Break includes a home-delivered kit of materials, plus 4 online workshops. This program is subsidised with funding from NSW Recovery Boost

4x 1 hour lunch times sessions

Based on the best early-intervention approaches to workplace mental wellbeing.

Window of Tolerance

Learn how this universal tool can help in getting to know yourself, and discover the signs that you are moving out of your window of comfort and into stress, overwhelm, burn out or flatline. Being curious about this helps to figure out what habits will help you stay mentally fit at work, and in life!

A Remedy of Writing

Get back in the saddle of writing for fun with acclaimed fiction writer Helena Fox! These fun prompts will surprise and delight you! A short taste of play that you can do at your desk, working from home, in the lunch room, wherever!

A Dose of Drawing

We all start out in early years of life drawing. Awaken this muscle with fun, silly, mischievous drawing games with illustrator Marcelo Baez. No drawing experience required!

Creative Collaborative Adventures

Explore some fun creative adventures, from your desk, or your office or home, with artist Sally Ann Conwell.

Our other Creative First Aid courses

8 weeks
Creativity on Prescription Course: explore a range of practices each week, along with a home delivered creative first-aid kit.
Press Play
4 weeks
Develop your creative practice with immersive  community courses

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