The Irish Government are choosing to describe ‘self-isolating’ and ‘quarantine’ as Cocooning.

The Irish Government are choosing to describe ‘self-isolating’ and ‘quarantine’ as Cocooning.

Cocooning! Isn’t that wonderful? Doesn’t that just, instead of sounding hard-edged, sharp and like a loss, an absence, doesn’t it instead sound like an act of deep self care and love?

A cocoon evokes images of softness, cosy space, rest, quiet and a necessary passage for transformation. Instead of evoking a sense of disconnection and loneliness, it sparks images of hope, protection. Right?

How powerful language is!

What if we thought of this time as cocooning? How do we cocoon ourselves and protect our loved ones?

Small little playful decisions that think of this time as a cocoon means a chance to transform the way we care for ourselves.

Amazing! It’s a chance to set up some pretty awesome habits that could stick for life.

Finding a daily creative practice, actively disconnecting from news, conversations with friends, moving your body every day, just a few ways to make your cocoon cosy but also your own flavour of fun.

And who knows? At the end of all this, we might all emerge as magnificent butterflies! 🦋

We know many people face uncertainty around employment right now, which makes other things like housing uncertain too. Our job as a community is to also create cocoons for those facing such challenges, however we can.

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