Creative Health First Aid

We all have innate creativity, and it's good for us.

Discover what you can do, every day, to use delight and play as a tool for wellbeing. It's not therapy, it's about the hours in between and how reconnecting with the world sets us up for feeling better.

Creative First Aid courses

8 weeks

Creativity on Prescription Course: explore a range of practices each week, along with a home delivered creative first-aid kit.

Press Play
short courses

Develop your creative practice with immersive courses in something that interests you.

Lunch Break
4 x 1hr sessions

A one-hour-a-week early intervention creative workplace program to foster creative habits for wellbeing

Return to Wonder

Western approaches to wellbeing and mental health are so focused on medical answers, yet rates of mental illness continue to rise.

Creative First Aid broadens the focus to include social, playful, awe-filled practices that open up shifts in how we see ourselves, and the world around us. We don't focus on diagnosis. We focus on your day-to-day experiences, and find ways to foster reconnecting with enjoying life.


Return to Life

Our programs have real and impactful 'return-to-life' outcomes, whether it's being able to manage symptoms, to connecting with others, finding life-changing self care tools, and renewed sense of identity.

100% of course participants report an increase in awareness of symptoms, and growth in ability to change their mood. 100% report a change in self-care habits.

"I now recognise when I'm becoming anxious, and have a bunch of things ready to do that I know will help. The routine of watering my plants, and writing keeps me so grounded" - Matt

“This program changed my life. I felt so respected and have finished with a much clearer understanding of my anxiety and what I need each day to keep it in check. It was so playful, fun, supportive and my confidence is so much better”

Kate. Press Play participant