Mental Health First Aid

Help someone experiencing mental health challenges

Public Courses

Youth MHFA
3, 10 + 17 Feb 2022
General MHFA
4 + 11 Feb
General MHFA
4 + 11 March
We are a highly regarded provider of Mental Health First Aid, nationally-accredited training for any member of the public. Join the 1 million Australians trained in Mental Health First Aid designed to empower you to know how to respond, support and listen to those around you when their mental health is challenged. We offer bi-monthly public courses, plus workplace training, with a specialised focus on creative industry. Self + Plan Managed NDIS Participants can enrol HERE
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Be part of changing how we support others with:




Substance use problems

Suicidal thoughts and behaviours

Non-suicidal self-injury

Panic attacks

Traumatic events

Severe psychotic states

Aggressive behaviours

Learn to notice, respond and support

Growing need

1 in every 5 Australians are directly affected by Mental illness

Confidence to respond

Completing an MHFA Course will help you to develop the skills to support a friend, family member or co-worker

Evidence based

Developed in Australia in 2000, MHFA is regularly updated to ensure that is drawing upon the latest evidence base

Certified provider

Obtain an internationally recognised MHFA accreditation through MakeShift

World leading

The MHFA Program has received a number of Australian and international awards

We are an approved Mental Health First Aid provider for more information about the accreditation please visit Mental Health First Aid Australia.

MHFA is for the general public as well as workplaces

This course is designed to skill up any member of the public. You will learn a framework that gives clarity about what support you can realistically provide to others. Our trainers are accredited in Standard, and Workplace Mental Health First Aid courses.

We will be offering Youth Mental Health First Aid in late 2021.

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