Every seven Days
Artist Julie Paterson has designed a joyful, easy creative ritual to help promote wellbeing. Just 30mins every seven days! All you need to do is sign up and we'll send you a newsletter with instructions. No experience or equipment required. 
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A shortcut to nature connection, to building the muscle of creative play and curiosity, of mindfulness.

Every Seven Days is an impermanent art practice invented and facilitated by Julie Paterson, artist and owner/maker of @ClothFabric & @Clothjulie. It's free, and just requires a little time and a curious mind.Best of all, it's a safe way to tap into the feel good chemicals in our brain! By getting your body moving you create endorphins and the time spent in nature helps promote serotonin. And this can all happen without breaking a sweat!

Join a weekly practice of:

Walking quietly, mindfully in nature for at least 30 minutes

Reflecting on the theme set for the week

Creating something with found objects to mark and reflect that theme: leaves, sticks, shells, rubbish, twigs, seeds, sand. There is no wrong or right - just exploration and experimentation!

Taking a picture. Share if you like! Or keep your own visual photo diary just for you.