Creative immersions

Diving into an immersive creative experience can be just exactly what we need.

a unique creative experience

After four years of hosting Jamboree Weekend Escape where people came to the forest to glamp, bunk and camp to learn Traditional Batik, Foraged Cooking, Indigenous Iconography, Songwriting, Bush Plants, Found Object Sculpture, Storytelling, Coil Weaving, Life Drawing, Choreography, Animation and so, so much more, we understand what makes a truly transformative creative immersion.

From tiny details to big impact moments, we create experiences for people, teams and groups designed to WAKE YOU UP, press reset, plug into our innate creativity and play.

Whether we curate an experience for your team, include some Mental Health Workplace Training, or just design a whole lot of fun for your crew, get in touch.

Change your environment

get out of your routine, try on some new versions of yourself

Switch on the creative mind

learn new creative skills from exceptional artists and creatives

Connect in new ways

moments of play create the perfect ingredients for connection and discovery

Get your hands dirty

you never know, you might surprise yourself with what you can do, and what you enjoy!


Getting 'lost' in time and focus is proven to wake up creative thought processes


new skills can become part of our daily lives, for maintaining our mental wellbeing

A creative weekend escape

Jamboree is the deepest of our creative immersions. Once a year we celebrate all that makes MakeShift with art making, gardening, cooking, eating and connecting. After 4 wonderful years the Jamboree journey has been put on hold by Covid. We hope it comes back.

reminisce a little

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