BrainCraft: Workplace 1 hour Session

Caitlin Marshall + Lizzie Rose
By request
1 hour
By request
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A fun-first, inspiring experience that fosters focus, productivity, and builds protective factors against burnout. This introductory session focuses on evidence-based content, combined with some powerful hands-on creative first-aid practices, designed to make your team feel calmer, more connected, mindful and empowered.

Protecting our Mental Health with Creative First Aid

Just like knowing how nutrition and exercise helps us feel physically well, knowing and understanding our nervous system is essential for good mental health. This is the HQ of our emotional, sensory and psychological experiences and needs. Let’s get to know it!

This one hour dynamic workshop covers:

  1. The basics of getting to know our brains - how it works, what it needs to thrive, andsigns it’s in need of some tender loving care.
  2. A short and sharp guide on how to reset, restore and replenish our nervous systems when we feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and burnt out
  3. A Dose of Creative First Aid in action - all you need is a pen and paper!
  4. A downloadable template for building micro-habits of creative first aid at work -one minute practices that can set you up for productive, rewarding days.


  1. Understand the role of both employer and employee in managing mental health in the workplace
  2. Learn a simple tool for understanding how their brain and nervous system responds to fear and stress
  3. Have greater understanding of self management practices and what they look like
  4. Try a short, sharp and powerful creative activity that promotes mindfulness Know how to apply creative first aid at work to reset, restore and replenish

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